2015 Update

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Journal of the Trip to Dar

Wednesday, Sept 16, 2015

After saying bye-bye to our families, Elder Charles Kenyanjui and I met in Kisii town later in the day to catch a bus to Nairobi. Kisii town is about 20 km away from our rural homes. The bus left Kisii town at 9:00 PM.  We braved through a chilly cold night for about 6 hrs. After arriving in Nairobi around 3 AM we secured our accommodation in a hotel near a bus company that we were to ride in to Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania. We took a double room at an affordable price.


Thursday, September 17, 2015

Due to the long bus ride and not having enough sleep, we awoke up at around 8 AM tired, sleepy and fatigued. We had to wake up anyway as we had a mission to accomplish, to meet two different groups of folks at different locations in Nairobi. These two groups had shown a desire to study our doctrines. We had been communicating by phone calls. This is the first time we are to meet them.  We took a shower, had our breakfast and took public transport to meet the first group.


1st Group

This group consists of young folks, some staying with part of their family members who had moved from the village to look for jobs. This group had about fifteen members but this day we met five members as some had gone to their places of work. A member (Brother George) of a fellowship back in Kisii that we conduct a bible study with this group in Nairobi. This brother, George has his family living in Kisii but works with a construction firm in Nairobi as a mason stays closer to this folk. He attends our bible studies in Kisii at least two times a month. We had a fruitful basic bible question and answer session. They desire and request that we meet with them at least once a month in Nairobi for a bible study.



These folks live in a small single room (each) which serves both as a bedroom, sitting room and kitchen. The bedroom is divided by two bed sheets joined together to hide the bed from folks in a sitting room. They have no definite facility to use as a meeting house.

One of the members suggested to contact a manager of a high school nearby if he can offer them a class at a certain fee for them to be using in meeting during weekends for bible studies and worship services.

We agree that they will give us the update on the finding of the possibility of the use of one the classes and how much it may cost in a month.


2nd Group

After parting ways, we left in a hurry later that afternoon to meet a lady by the name of Mrs. Florida Alaka. She is a widow as she indicated to me during our first contact on a phone call. She also lives in Nairobi area. Sister Alaka is a Facebook friend to a sister from Tampa Florida but now living in Tennessee.  During their communication process, the sister from Florida had shared about her religion and this Nairobian sister got interested to know more about the Primitive Baptist and enquired where she will find them in Kenya if ever existed. That is when she was mentioned to about us and went into the internet search for us. She got my cell phone numbers on our website and called me with joy. So we arranged for a meeting of which Elder Charles and I met her today. I had brought her a study note book as she had requested for any spiritual Primitive Baptist writings. She rejoiced to learn of the other group in Nairobi and looks forward to joining them for Bible study and worship services as soon as we start.

Both groups requested 15 KJV Bibles in English and study materials and fifteen song books in Swahili languages.


Friday, Sept 18, 2015

We didn't sleep good enough last night. We woke up at 5 AM to prepare ourselves for the trip. The bus left Nairobi at 6 AM for Dar-es-Salaam Tanzania. The ride was too long and tiresome. We finally arrived in Dar-es-Salaam late at night too tired and worn out. Elder Kenny Mwankenja was there waiting for us. He drove us to the Church building and straight to the upper room where we will be staying in for the rest of our days while there.

The Lord blessed the late Elder Obey to skillfully and wisely design the upper room for such purposes. One set of twins of the late Elder Obey and his eldest son Bro. Barnabas were at the Church building who welcomed us in. After having dinner we slept like dead men until the following day.


Saturday, Sept 19, 2015 

We woke at 9 AM prepared ourselves, had breakfast and visited with Obey's children for some time in their house. His children have grown up really big. Later in the afternoon we joined the Church family for Bible study which they conduct every Friday. I was called forth to conduct the service (Bible Study).


Sunday, Sept 20, 2015

We joined the Church family in Dar for a worship service this day. We had a wonderful singing service as the congregation was singing with the Spirit. The Church family received us with great joy, warmth and love.

Elder Charles spoke first from the book of Mathew 7 and I spoke last on the book of Rev 3:14-20, and emphasized on the verse 19 on rebuking and chastising of the Lord to "as many as those he loves".


Monday, Sept 20th - 3 PM Wednesday, Sept 23, 2015

Between this date up to the morning session of Wednesday, 23rd of September 2015, we visited some of the Church family members' homes in Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania to visit with them in scriptural issues and encouraging them in the Lord in spirit and in the truth.


4 PM Wednesday, Sept 23rd, 2015

Eld. Charles led a Bible study on the Kingdom of God/Heaven and eternal life. The response was indeed very encouraging.


Thursday, Sept 24th to Friday, Sept 25th

During these two days, we continued with our visitation programs in the members homes. It was indeed an encouraging exercise.


Saturday, Sept 26, 2015

We woke up and had a long scriptural visit between ourselves (i.e. Elder Charles and I) in the morning hours. In the afternoon we had a Bible study with the Church family as they conduct Bible services every Saturday afternoon.


Sunday, Sept 27, 2015

After preparing ourselves and taking breakfast we joined the Church family for worship service. Bro. Charles spoke first from the book of Ephesians Chapter 2:1-10, while I spoke last from the book of 2nd Thessalonians 3:1-4. The Lord surely blessed our meetings this day. The church had prepared a delicious meal for the whole congregation which we all took in the church building while having questions and answers as we enjoyed the meal. 


Monday, Sept 28, 2015

Bro. Barnabas showed up very early in the morning to escort us to the bus station by using a taxi that Elder Thaddeus had arranged together with the church to take us to the bus station.  We caught our bus and embarked on the long bus ride to Nairobi. We arrived late in Nairobi and booked for a lodge. The following day on Tuesday the 29th, before we took a bus to Kisii where we arrived later in the evening and reunited with our families. We met the leaders of the fellowship in Nairobi and sister Florida to arrange on starting our bible study and worship meetings. The Lord willing we officially start conducting these services as from Oct. 9, 2015, once a month for three days.

I humbly request for your prayers towards these labors and any support towards these efforts as you may feel led by the Holy Spirit. You can also see updates on our gospel labors on our website, www.Kenyapbc.org or our Facebook page, First Primitive Baptist Church of Kenya - Kisii. God continue to bless you is my prayer.

Submitted with love,


Elder Martin Oyoni