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Prayer Requests

Updated 2/18/18

  • Sis. Nelda's mother is at the point of death
  • Sis. Carol Williams' father has cellulitis
  • Sis. Pat Wesson's cousin - health issues
  • Bro. Max Wesson who has the shingles
  • Sis. Wambles is still not well
  • Sis. Willow Dean Pritchett's sister passed away
  • A large number of members who are sick this week, some of them with the flu
  • Sis. Stump fell and broke her hand
  • Mandy Hignight was injured and has been paralyzed as a result of the injury. She has been moved to a rehab facility in Little Rock, Arkansas.
  • The Clary's on the recent birth of Sadie
  • The Kitchens on the recent birth of Levi
  • The Payne's on the recent birth of Isaac
  • Eld. Ernie Stump who recently got to go home

  • Sis. Leigh and Bro. Darrel Cobbs
  • Sis. Evelyn Deason
  • Sis. Willow Dean Pritchett is having a lot of severe back pain
  • Bro. Dan Sammons and his family
  • Sis. Lori Floyd's grandmother
  • Sis. Elaine Reid - back problems
  • Sis. Nelda's mom
  • Amy Barnett, Elder Mike Smith's daughter, has cancer
  • Sis. Jones who is receiving treatments for cancer
  • Eld. Tom Blair has health problems
  • Cindi Pritchett's friend is battling cancer
  • Bro. Landon Waddle and his family
  • Bro. Paul Stephens can no longer drive to church
  • Home-bound members