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Title Scripture Speaker Date
Tribulation Worketh Patience (Kitchens) Eld Derrick Kitchens 2018-02-18
1 Thess Chapter 1 Eld. Josh Coker 2018-02-18
Five Things We Need To Get Rid Of (Bryant) Elder Sam Bryant 2018-02-11
Romans 8 (Kitchens) Eld Derrick Kitchens 2018-02-11
Shepherd and Sheep (Bryant) Elder Sam Bryant 2018-02-04
Our Great High Priest (Coker) Eld. Josh Coker 2018-02-04
Teaching Spiritual Truths (Bryant) Elder Sam Bryant 2018-01-28
Applying Time Salvation (Coker) Eld. Josh Coker 2018-01-28
Benefits of the Scriptures (Coker) Eld Derrick Kitchens 2018-01-21
Remember Now Thy Creator Elder Sam Bryant 2018-01-21
A Great Mystery (Bryant) Elder Sam Bryant 2018-01-14
Grace (Coker) Eld. Josh Coker 2018-01-07
Spiritual Blessings Elder Sam Bryant 2018-01-07
Content in Circumstances of Life Eld Derrick Kitchens 2018-01-07
The City of God (Larwrence) Eld. Ronald Lawrence 2017-12-31
God is Sovereign (Sims) Bro. Graham Sims 2017-12-31
True Grace Wherein Ye Stand (Lowrance) Eld. Bryce Lowrance 2017-12-31
1 Tim 3 (Coker) Eld. Josh Coker 2017-12-24
Set Apart (Coker) and Psalm 3 (Bryant) Eld. Josh Coker and Eld. Sam Bryant 2017-12-17
Blessed to Pray (Bryant) Elder Sam Bryant 2017-12-10
Be Not Deceived (Coker) Eld. Josh Coker 2017-12-10
Power To Become Sons of God (Bryant) Elder Sam Bryant 2017-12-03
Don't Worry Trust God (Kitchens) Eld Derrick Kitchens 2017-12-03
Teaching Children About Christ Eld. Josh Coker 2017-11-26
Internalizing the Gospel (Bryant) Elder Sam Bryant 2017-11-19
Entering the Kingdom (Kitchens) Eld Derrick Kitchens 2017-11-19
Thankful for Jesus (Coker) Eld. Josh Coker 2017-11-19
Sanctify the Lord in Your Heart (Lowrance) Eld. Bryce Lowrance 2017-11-18
Thanksgiving Part IV (Bryant) Elder Sam Bryant 2017-11-12
Amazing Grace (Coker) and Thanksgiving III (Bryant) Eld. Josh Coker and Eld. Sam Bryant 2017-11-05
Church at Ephesus (Eld Josh Coker) Eld. Josh Coker 2017-11-05
God's Amazing Grace (Eld Josh Coker) Eld. Josh Coker 2017-11-05
No Other gods (Kitchens) and Thanksgiving II (Bryant) Eld Derrick Kitchens and Eld Sam Bryant 2017-10-29
Giving Thanks Elder Sam Bryant 2017-10-22
Our Safe Place (Kitchens) and Good Works (Coker) Eld Derrick Kitchens and Eld Josh Coker 2017-10-15
The Gospel (Coker) and Lukewarm (Bryant) Eld. Josh Coker and Eld. Sam Bryant 2017-10-15
Radio Interview - Those Who Never Hear About Jesus Elder Sam Bryant 2017-10-12
Acts 17:1-9 Eld. Josh Coker 2017-10-01
Liberty (Eld D Kitchens) and Prayer (Eld Bryant) Eld Derrick Kitchens and Eld Sam Bryant 2017-10-01
Justification (Coker) and The Scriptures (Bryant) Eld. Josh Coker and Eld. Sam Bryant 2017-09-24
Ordination Service - Eld Josh Coker Elder Sam Bryant 2017-09-24
Phil 2 - Eld Josh Coker Ordination Sermon Eld. Josh Coker 2017-09-23
Acts 15 & 16 Bro. Josh Coker 2017-09-17
Grace (DKitchens) & Grace of God Teaches (Bryant) Eld Derrick Kitchens and Eld Sam Bryant 2017-09-17
Intro (Coker) & Be A Giver (Connelly) Titus (Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Eld. James Connelly and Eld. Sam Bryant 2017-09-10
3 Questions (Kitchens) and Jesus Sat Down (Bryant) Eld Derrick Kitchens and Eld Sam Bryant 2017-09-03
What Happens to those Who Never Heard the Gospel Bro. Josh Coker 2017-09-03
Acts 2 (J Coker) & God Saved All the Elect (Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2017-08-27
Things that are Comforting Eld Derrick Kitchens 2017-08-20
Do Not Be Troubled (Coker) and The Trinity (Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2017-08-20
Strength from God (Kitchens) and Be Still (Bryant) Eld Derrick Kitchens and Eld Sam Bryant 2017-08-13
Ephesians 2 Bro. Josh Coker 2017-08-06
Sober Minded (D Kitchens) and Come and See (Bryant) Eld Derrick Kitchens and Eld Sam Bryant 2017-08-06
Are You Gracious (DKitchens) and The Cross (Bryant) Eld Derrick Kitchens and Eld Sam Bryant 2017-07-23
How We Are Born Again Bro. Josh Coker 2017-07-16
Not About You (J Coker) and God's Presence (Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2017-07-16
Overcoming (D Kitchens) and God Never Changes (Bryant) Eld Derrick Kitchens and Eld Sam Bryant 2017-07-09
Blessed Is The Man That Endureth Temptation Bro. Josh Coker 2017-07-02
Knowing The Lord Elder Sam Bryant 2017-07-02
Key Ingredient to Lasting Relationships Bro. Josh Coker 2017-06-25
Glory in the Lord Elder Sam Bryant 2017-06-18
What Did Jesus Do (JCoker) and Sheep (Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2017-06-11
Heb 10 Part 2 (Sanders) Bad Things Part 2 (Mizell) Elders Hugh Sanders and Jon Mizell 2017-06-10
Hebrews Chapter 10 Eld Hugh Sanders 2017-06-09
When Bad Things Happen to Good People Eld. Jon Mizell 2017-06-09
Lot, Sodom and Temporal Salvation Bro. Josh Coker 2017-06-04
Sea of Galilee (D Kitchens) Walk in Love (Bryant) Eld Derrick Kitchens and Eld Sam Bryant 2017-06-04
Walk Worth of the Lord (J Coker) and Eph 5 (Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2017-05-28
Sanctification Bro. Josh Coker 2017-05-21
1 Peter 1 Elder Sam Bryant 2017-05-21
Consider These Things Elder Sam Bryant 2017-05-14
Discipleship Elder Sam Bryant 2017-05-07
Shame and Zeal Bro. Josh Coker 2017-05-07
Together With Jesus Elder Sam Bryant 2017-04-30
Do Not Be A Fool Eld Derrick Kitchens 2017-04-23
Our Covering (Honea) and See the Wagons (Hagler) Elders Neil Honea and Luke Hagler 2017-04-16
False Teachings and the End Times (Part II) Eld. Buddy Abernathy 2017-04-15
The Baptism and Temptation of Christ Eld. Tim McCool 2017-04-15
Four Questions from Resurrection Day (Part II) Eld. Chris McCool 2017-04-15
Saved by Grace Eld. Luke Hagler 2017-04-15
The Kingdom of God Eld. Neil Honea 2017-04-15
Four Questions from Resurrection Day Eld. Chris McCool 2017-04-15
False Teachings Regarding The End Times Eld. Buddy Abernathy 2017-04-15
The Trophy Case of Jesus Eld. Tim McCool 2017-04-15
Jesus Was Forsaken for Us Elder Sam Bryant 2017-04-09
Do Good Bro. Josh Coker 2017-04-02
Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled Elder Sam Bryant 2017-04-02
Regeneration (J Coker) and Called to Serve (Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2017-03-26
Preservation Bro. Josh Coker 2017-03-19
Seek God's Kingdom First Elder Sam Bryant 2017-03-19
Election (J Coker) and The Last Words of David (S Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2017-03-12
1st Peter 1 Bro. Josh Coker 2017-03-05
Having the Mind of Christ Elder Sam Bryant 2017-03-05
Behold Jesus (J Coker) Think on These Things (S Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2017-02-26
Your Up Look Determines Your Outlook Bro. Josh Coker 2017-02-19
God's Amazing Love Elder Sam Bryant 2017-02-19
Appointed Unto Men Once to Die Elder Sam Bryant 2017-02-12
Flee, Hide and Fight Elder Sam Bryant 2017-02-05
Keep Your Heart with all Diligence Elder Sam Bryant 2017-01-29
Prayer Bro. Josh Coker 2017-01-22
Galatians Chapter 6 Bro. Josh Coker 2017-01-15
The Battle Begins in the Mind Elder Sam Bryant 2017-01-15
Abundant Life (D Kitchens) and God's Will versus Satan's (Bryant) Eld Derrick Kitchens and Eld Sam Bryant 2017-01-08
Learn to do Well Eld. Craig Blair 2016-12-31
The Prize of the High Calling Eld. Paul Blair 2016-12-31
Jesus Humbled Himself Elder Sam Bryant 2016-12-25
Exposition of II Tim 2:1-10 Bro. Josh Coker 2016-12-18
Humility Part II Elder Sam Bryant 2016-12-18
Jesus Came Down From Heaven Elder Sam Bryant 2016-12-04
In All Things Give Thanks (J Coker) Truths Revealed in Job (J Nettles) Bro. Josh Coker and Eld. Joe Nettles 2016-11-20
Gospel (M Onyoni) Assurances (J Nettles) and Gladness (L Laird) Elders Martin Onyoni, Joe Nettles and Luke Laird 2016-11-19
The Church Elder Sam Bryant 2016-11-13
Galations Chapter 6 Bro. Josh Coker 2016-11-06
The Church is Unique Elder Sam Bryant 2016-11-06
Jesus the Head and Foundation of the Church Elder Sam Bryant 2016-10-30
Three Things Gods People Face (J Coker) and Be Still (Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2016-10-23
The Christians Hope (J Coker) and God Wants Fruit from Us (S Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2016-10-09
Give All Diligence Elder Sam Bryant 2016-10-02
Whom Do Men Say That I Am Bro. Josh Coker 2016-10-02
Attributes of God Part II (D Kitchens) Eld Derrick Kitchens 2016-09-18
Attributes of God (D Kitchens) The Sincere Milk of the Word (Bryant) Elder Sam Bryant 2016-09-18
Jesus Loves and Cares for You Elder Sam Bryant 2016-09-11
A Good Name Bro. Josh Coker 2016-09-04
A Window Into The Heart of God Elder Sam Bryant 2016-09-04
Total Depravity Bro. Josh Coker 2016-08-28
Jesus Our Advocate (J Coker) and Two Natures (Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2016-08-28
Lessons from Jesus Healing Peter's Mother Inlaw Bro. Josh Coker 2016-08-21
God Gave His Special Son (J. Coker) and Our Identity (Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2016-08-21
Pilgrams or Comfortable in the World? Bro. Josh Coker 2016-08-14
Don't Lose Hope (J. Coker) and Take Heed Unto Thyself (Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2016-08-14
Three Appearances of Jesus Christ for His People Elder Sam Bryant 2016-08-07
Perfected Forever by One Offering Elder Sam Bryant 2016-08-07
Are You Magnifying Jesus Christ? Bro. Josh Coker 2016-07-31
Lessons in Discipleship Bro. Josh Coker 2016-07-31
God Has Separated His People Eld. Eddie Fowler 2016-07-24
I Will Praise Thee (Fowler) and Being a Stubborn Disciple (Lowrance) Eld. Eddie Fowler and Eld. Bryce Lowrance 2016-07-24
Our Journeys in the Wilderness Elder Sam Bryant 2016-07-17
Seven Objections to the KJV Answered Eld. Josh Winslett 2016-07-13
Do Not Leave Jesus Bro. Josh Coker 2016-07-10
Give the More Ernest Heed Elder Sam Bryant 2016-07-10
Why Choose the KJV 2 Timothy 3:16
Ephesians 1:3-6
Daniel 9:26
Eld. Josh Winslett 2016-07-06
Three Ways We Are Liberated Galatians 4
Galatians 5
James 1
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-07-03
God's Incredible Love Matthew 22
1 John 4
Romans 8
Elder Sam Bryant 2016-07-03
Defense of the KJV - Part II Eld. Josh Winslett 2016-06-29
Rejoice in the Lord Alway Philippians 4:4 Bro. Josh Coker 2016-06-26
Confidence in an Unfaithful Man Proverbs 25:19
Hebrews 3
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-06-26
Justifying Knowledge of Christ (N Meeks) and God Saves (Eld Meeks) Isaiah 53
Isaiah 12
Bro. Nathan Meeks and Eld. Doug Meeks 2016-06-19
Defense of the KJV - Part I Eld. Josh Winslett 2016-06-15
God Tests Abraham Genesis 22
Hebrews 11
Eld. Lonnie Mozingo, Jr. 2016-06-12
We Would See Jesus John 12
Luke 24
Eld. Lonnie Mozingo, Jr. 2016-06-11
Left Your First Love (Sanders) and Love (Mozingo, Jr.) Acts 18
Revelation 2
Revelation 4
Eld. Hugh Sanders and Eld. Lonnie Mozingo, Jr. 2016-06-10
Work Out Your Own Salvation Philippians 2
Psalm 51:12
Ephesians 2:10
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-06-05
Encouragement to Pray Luke 18
Philippians 4:6
Hebrews 4:5
Elder Sam Bryant 2016-06-05
Humility 2 Chronicles 7:14
Philippians 2
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-05-29
The First Memorial Exodus 12
1 Corinthians 5:7
Elder Sam Bryant 2016-05-29
Four Steps to Revival (Coker) and Covenants (Bryant) 2 Chronicles 7:14
Genesis 8:22
Genesis 9:8
2 Samuel 23:5
Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2016-05-22
What Can I Do Luke 10
2 Thessalonians 3
Acts 16:13
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-05-15
This is the Day the Lord Hath Made Psalm 118:24 Elder Sam Bryant 2016-05-15
Paul's Prayer for Israel (J. Coker) and All Things (N. Honea) Romans 10
Romans 8
Ephesians 1
Bro. Josh Coker and Eld. Neil Honea 2016-05-08
Thou Wilt Keep Him in Perfect Peace Isaiah 26:3
Ephesians 1
Elder Sam Bryant 2016-05-01
Intro (McDaniel) and Five Links in the Golden Chain of Salvation Romans 8 Elder Sam Bryant 2016-04-24
But God Who is Rich in Mercy Ephesians 2 Elder Sam Bryant 2016-04-24
Follow Me Luke 9:23
Matthew 16:13
Luke 22
John 21
Eld. Neil Honea 2016-04-17
The Worship of the Church Matthew 16
Matthew 5
John 4
Acts 17
Eld. Luke Hagler 2016-04-17
He Drank the Cup of God's Wrath Hebrews 5
Matthew 26
Psalm 75
Eld. Chris McCool 2016-04-16
The Power of God Acts 8
John 1
John 10
Eld. Neil Honea 2016-04-16
Afflictions Psalm 119:71
Zephaniah 3:12
Psalm 34:19
2 Corinthians 12:7-10
Eld. Buddy Abernathy 2016-04-16
Three Perspectives of Jesus Matthew 27:16 Eld. Tim McCool 2016-04-15
Jesus Through the Eyes of Andrew John 1:35
Eld. Luke Hagler 2016-04-15
Learning to Have a Great Day Psalm 118:24
Ephesians 6:13
Elder Sam Bryant 2016-04-10
Hope Through the Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15
John 14
Matthew 14
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-04-03
Changed Lives Through the Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15 Elder Sam Bryant 2016-04-03
The Breadth, Length, Depth and Height of God's Love Ephesians 3 Elder Sam Bryant 2016-03-27
The Believers within the Local Church 2 Timothy 3
2 Peter 3
Romans 12
Eld. Ben Winslett 2016-03-20
Study to Show Thyself Approved Unto God 2 Timothy 2:15 Elder Sam Bryant 2016-03-20
Its About the Gospel 1 Corinthians 1 Eld. Josh Winslett 2016-03-13
The Scriptures 2 Timothy 3:16
2 Peter 1:20-21
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-03-13
Don't Go Back - Gal 3 Galatians 3
Matthew 7
Philippians 2
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-03-06
What Were We Made For (Coker) and Love The Truth and Keep It (Bryant) 1 Peter 3:1
Titus 2:11
2 Timothy 2
Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2016-03-06
Walking in the Truth of the Gospel Galatians 2:11-17 Bro. Josh Coker 2016-02-28
Endure Hardness as a Good Soldier of Jesus Christ 2 Timothy 2:1-10 Elder Sam Bryant 2016-02-28
The Right Influences Galatians 2
Romans 1
Proverbs 29:25
Matthew 7
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-02-21
Jesus The Foundation of the Church Matthew 16:13-15
Ephesians 3:21
2 Timothy 2:1
Elder Sam Bryant 2016-02-21
Having Peace Through Faith in God John 16
Exodus 12
Colossians 3
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-02-14
God's Perfect Love 1 John 4
Romans 8
Ephesians 3:14
Elder Sam Bryant 2016-02-14
Exposition of Gal 2:1-10 Galatians 2
2 Corinthians 11
2 Timothy 4
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-02-07
Pressing Toward the Mark Philippians 3
Acts 9
Hebrews 9
Elder Sam Bryant 2016-02-07
Sound Speach Job 19
Ephesians 4
Colossians 4:6
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-01-31
Book of Philemon Philemon 1 Bro. Josh Coker 2016-01-31
Galatians Ch 1 - Pleaser of God Galatians 1
John 16
Matthew 23
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-01-24
Written for Our Learning Romans 15
1 Corinthians 2
2 Timothy 3:16
Elder Sam Bryant 2016-01-24
Internalizing the Gospel Galatians 1
1 Peter 5
Romans 4
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-01-10
Entering the Kingdom of God Matthew 18
John 3
Romans 8
Elder Sam Bryant 2016-01-10
The Identity Thief Genesis 1
Genesis 3
Genesis 5
1 Corinthians 1
1 Corinthians 10
Bro. Josh Coker 2016-01-03
Jesus First Miracle (Br Josh Coker) and The Love of God (Eld Bryant) John 2
1 John 4
Romans 8
Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2015-12-13
The Three Aspects of Justification Galatians 4
Romans 8
Matthew 11
Romans 5
Bro. Josh Coker 2015-12-06
Birth of Jesus Matthew 1
Galatians 4
Hebrews 1
Bro. Josh Coker 2015-11-29
The Resurrection 2 Timothy 2:15
1 Thessalonians 4:13
John 14
Bro. Josh Coker 2015-11-15
Focus on Jesus Hebrews 12
Luke 10
Elder Sam Bryant 2015-11-15
Eight Things to Help You Rejoice in Jesus Christ Philippians 4
Acts 16
John 10
Joshua 24
Hebrews 12
Bro. Josh Coker 2015-11-08
Keeping Jesus Before Us Hebrews 12
1 Corinthians 2
Revelation 1
Romans 7
Elder Sam Bryant 2015-11-08
Philippians 3 Philippians 3 Bro. Josh Coker 2015-11-01
Baptism and the Resurrection 1 Corinthians 15
Psalm 118
Elder Sam Bryant 2015-11-01
We Belong to Christ - Now Live Like It Romans 12
Hebrews 12
Elder Sam Bryant 2015-10-25
Philippians Chapter 2 and 3 Philippians 2-3 Bro. Josh Coker 2015-10-25
Philippians Ch 2 Part II Philippians 2
1 Corinthians 1
Numbers 13
Bro. Josh Coker 2015-10-18
Titus Ch. 2 (Bro Josh Coker) and Renewing Your Mind (Eld. Sam Bryant) Titus 2
Romans 12
Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2015-10-18
Philippians Chapter 2 Philippians 2 Bro. Josh Coker 2015-10-11
Seeing Who You Are in Christ Romans 12
Ephesians 1
Elder Sam Bryant 2015-10-11
Being a Disciple No Matter What It Costs John 6
1 Corinthians 10
Elder Sam Bryant 2015-10-04
Philippians Ch 1 Philippians 1 Bro. Josh Coker 2015-10-04
Grow in Grace John 6
2 Peter 3:18
Elder Sam Bryant 2015-09-27
To Live is Christ Philippians 1-2
Psalm 100
Bro. Josh Coker 2015-09-27
Fellowship with God Luke 17
Acts 17
John 15
Eld Derrick Kitchens 2015-09-20
Jesus Came Down John 6 Elder Sam Bryant 2015-09-20
The Gospel Galatians 1
Matthew 11
Bro. Josh Coker 2015-09-13
God Desires our Fellowship Psalm 91 Elder Sam Bryant 2015-09-13
In Christ Jesus Philippians
2 Corinthians 5
Ephesians 1
Bro. Josh Coker 2015-09-06
God, Our Hiding Place Psalm 91 Elder Sam Bryant 2015-09-06
Exposition of Psalm 91 Part II Psalm 91 Elder Sam Bryant 2015-08-30
Exposition of Psalm 91 Psalm 91 Elder Sam Bryant 2015-08-30
Battling Peer Pressure and Persecution Daniel Bro. Josh Coker 2015-08-23
The Faithfulness of God Lamentations 3
Hebrews 11
Elder Sam Bryant 2015-08-23
Looking to Jesus When Things Fall Apart Bro. Josh Coker 2015-08-16
If A Man Abide Not in Me John 15 Elder Sam Bryant 2015-08-16
Without Me Ye Can Do Nothing John 15 Elder Sam Bryant 2015-08-09
Pride Hebrews 4 Elder Sam Bryant 2015-08-02
Biblical Happiness Bro. Josh Coker 2015-08-02
Which Path Will You Take Bro. Josh Coker 2015-07-26
Jesus Is Alive and Powerful Elder Sam Bryant 2015-07-26
Baptism Elder Sam Bryant 2015-07-19
Faithful Sayings Bro. Josh Coker 2015-07-19
Jesus - All The Treasures of Wisdom and Knowledge Elder Sam Bryant 2015-07-12
Titus Ch. 3 Titus 3 Bro. Josh Coker 2015-07-12
Avoiding Becoming Like Demas Elder Sam Bryant 2015-07-05
The High Calling of a Christian Titus 2 Bro. Josh Coker 2015-07-05
Titus Ch. 2 Bro. Josh Coker 2015-06-28
Jesus Gets the Preeminence Colossians Elder Sam Bryant 2015-06-28
(Coker) An Overcoming God and (Bryant) Our Heavenly Father Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2015-06-21
(Coker) Rejoice in the Lord and (Mozingo) Benefits of the Gospel Bro. Josh Coker and Eld. Lonnie Mozingo, Jr. 2015-06-14
Better Things Hebrews 12 Eld. Lonnie Mozingo, Jr. 2015-06-13
Life and More Abundant Life Eld. Lonnie Mozingo, Jr. 2015-06-13
The Cause, Method and Effect of Regeneration Galatians 4 Eld. Lonnie Mozingo, Jr. 2015-06-12
Things We Should Consider 2 Timothy 2:7 Elder Sam Bryant 2015-06-07
Jesus The Encourager Elder Sam Bryant 2015-05-31
Discipleship (J. Coker) and Barnabas the Encourage (Bryant) Bro. Josh Coker and Elder Sam Bryant 2015-05-31
Paul and Peter Elder Sam Bryant 2015-05-24
Abide in Christ John 15 Bro. Josh Coker 2015-05-24
Cast All Your Cares Upon the Lord Elder Sam Bryant 2015-05-17
Qualifications of an Elder Bro. Josh Coker 2015-05-17
Importance of Scripture (DMeeks) and Be a Bold Witness (JCoker) Bro. Doug Meeks and Bro. Josh Coker 2015-05-10
Content Yet Hungering (DKitchens) God Chastens Those He Loves (Bryant) Eld Derrick Kitchens 2015-05-03
Four Reactions to Chastisement Elder Sam Bryant 2015-05-03
Return Unto The Lord Eld. Jon Mizell 2015-04-19
God's Kindness Towards Peter Eld. Jon Mizell 2014-04-20