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Elder Vernon Johnson's Update on Gospel Labors in Africa - August 23, 2011

  1. Kenya - The elders in Kenya continue to be blessed to reach out to others in the villages surrounding Kisii. There are now numerous fellowships that have been established in the Kisii area. Recently a group of preachers approached Elders Martin and Charles inquiring as to what Primitive Baptists believe. Subsequently these two elders preached to the respective congregations. Consequently, there are six more preachers who have indicated that they want to study the bible beliefs held by the Primitive Baptists. Elder Martin has also informed me that there are several young men that the elders in the Kisii area believe are about ready to be ordained. I expect several ordinations in the near future and this to be followed by the constitution of several more churches.
  2. Uganda - Elder Charles continues to go to Mbale, Uganda each month and preach to a sizable group of brothers and sisters in that area. He continues with studies with the leaders for about a week in that city each month.
  3. Tanzania - Elder Moses is leading a new fellowship in Mbeya. This is the childhood home place of the late Elder Obey Ndalima. The previous post includes a journal written by Elder Charles of Kenya who made a recent preaching tour of Mbeya.
  4. Zambia - The work continues in this country. Elder Mark Hasenmyer and myself have a scheduled trip to visit with the fellowship headed by Bro. Kezala Ngoma in October of this year. Bro. Kezala leads a group of about 50 people in the town of Mumbwa a few kilometers from Lusaka, the capital city of Zambia.
  5. Botswana - The work here continues with a handful of believers. I am now able to study with a couple of the brethren on Skype. I had planned a trip to South Africa and Botswana in November of this year, but I have had to postpone the trip to late January/early February for financial reasons.
  6. Ghana - Bro. Aikins Doh and a Bro. Nathaniel are heading up three fellowships in Ghana. Recently Bro. Aikins received a visitor from Nigeria who had visited him about two years before. At the time of the first visit Bro. Aikins shared with the man some of our beliefs and copied for him several of the studies that I had sent to Bro. Aikins. On the return visit the man told Bro. Aikins that he had studied the materials and that he had a group of over 50 people that he is leading and trying to teach to them what he had learned. The brother's name in Nigeria is Christopher Onyeneka. He is a business man in Nigeria.
  7. Nigeria - Bro. Christopher Onyeneka requested Bro. Aikins to come to Nigeria and begin teaching the members of his fellowship the beliefs of the Primitive Baptists. Bro. Aikins recently visited Nigeria and spent nearly two weeks with this group of people. I have attached Bro. Chris' letter of request and Bro. Aikins journal of his visit.

Bro. Vernon Johnson


Elder Charles Kenyanjui's Trip to Dar and Mbeya, Tanzania - August 12, 2011

Dear Brethren,

I thank God for your faithfulness to the cause of Christ, I give thanks always for you, your families and the churches.

I departed from Kisii on Wednesday night 20th July 2011. After a long ride I reached Dar on Friday 22th July 2011 at 1:00AM at Ubungu bus terminal, and I met Elder Anthony waiting for me. Then he took me on his motor bike to the church.

On Saturday 23th July morning hours I visited with Elders, Anthony, Moses and his wife to be in the upper room in the church, and we rejoiced together in the Lord. In the evening I meet with the Lord's people for a worship service, and I preached to them. They were so happy to receive me back. I really show the love of God for we rejoiced in the Lord together.

On Sunday 24th July we had two brethren who wanted to join the church by means of baptism so I baptized them before worship service starts. Among those I baptized one was Lonica Magadilo who will join Elder Moses has his wife as from on Sunday 14th August 2011.


After the baptism service we joined the Lord's people for the worshiping service. The turn out was good, and it was a blessing for me to preach. I preached from Matthew 7:13 -14. There is indeed a strait gate and a narrow way that few people find, but it is not leading to heaven, but rather to life or temporal blessings. It is the path of truth and true vital godliness here in this present world. It is the path in which alone is found the enjoyment of a life [true living] that can be obtained in no other way. It is the path of truth in doctrine, practice and experience. It is the path of those who worship God in spirit and in truth. The Scriptures plainly tells us that Christ redeemed His people to God by His blood out of every kindred, tongue, people and nation {Rev 5:9} Also, they reveal to us that this elect family constitutes a great multitude that no man can number, of all nations,{Rev.7:9]

After worshiping service was over I called Elder Moses to come forward and his wife to be, I announced their marriage before the church and they were happily received by the church; this was the first announcement which was made. I gave Moses a chance to put on the engagement ring to his bride. It was a blessing to me and to the church. On 25th July we had a meeting with the Elders present namely Moses, Thaddus, Anthony and myself on how to edify the church in Dar and how to nature the fellowship which God has opened in Mbeya.

On 26 July Tuesday Elder Moses and I we departed to Mbeya. We took the bus at 6:00 am. It was along ride and we arrived safely through God's Grace, Love and Mercy, at around 7:30 p.m. On 27th Wednesday we went to see the hired house which serves as a church, it was a nice house and on a good side and behind it was a pit latrine for the Lord's people.

On 28 Thursday July we went to visit with the parents of the late Obey in Mbalizi here we took two buses. Bro. Moses had informed them that we were to visit them. When we reached their home they were waiting for us. We shared good moment with them. There we met with the father of Obey, the mother and a sister to Obey and the twins of the late Obey, named Gift and Given. They came home for their August holy days. We had good moments with them, and the twins were so happy to share with us. After a short discussion, now the father of Obey said that the pastors from America have shown the true love of God by carrying our burden which we were to carry by

1. Taking care of the late Obey's family
2. Paying the school fees for the orphans
3. Cooperating and taking the body of their son home

They thanked God for your generous donation May God bless you. He said that due to your love and the love of Kenyans during the time his son was sick. After that both parents wept openly. Then I closed the speech with a word of prayer then we left for Mbeya. It was a wonderful moments.

On Friday 29th and Saturday 30th July we visited with some members of the fellowship and I really rejoiced to shear the word of God with them. On Sunday 31st July we went to the church, and I was happy to see the members arrived in the church building in time. I preached the topic was to be born of the spirit. The members rejoiced to hear the true gospel of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. One member of the fellowship who was old in age told me that THE PREACHING WHICH IS IN PRIMITIVE IS THE TRUE WORD OF GOD. What a blessing.

On Monday 1st August early in the morning we left for Dar and we reached late at 9:30 pm. I thank God for the safely journey back to Dar. I rested for two days thus on Tuesday 2nd and Wednesday 3rd August.

On Thusrday4th August 2011 I departed to Kenya and I reached home on Friday of 5th August 2011at 9:00 am in the morning, safely through God's Grace and love. I was happy to reunite with my wife Josephine and my children. Filden is doing fine, and he is at home for August holiday.

May God bless you all. I thank my God making mention of you always in my prayers.

Your brother and servant in Christ,

Elder Charles Kenyanjui.


Elder Tim McCool's Journal of Trip to Ghana & Tanzania - June 29, 2011

Although this is a somewhat lengthy account of my recent trip to Africa, I hope the details of God's mercy and providential care will be a blessing to God's people.

This past February-March of 2011, Elder David Crawford and I planned to travel to Ghana, West Africa, for several days, and then fly to Tanzania, East Africa. While in Ghana, we expected to meet with Bro. Aikins Doh, and the fellowships that are ongoing there. While in Tanzania, we intended to meet and study with 12 preachers from Kenya, Zambia and Tanzania, as well as to examine and ordain 4 elders in the church at Daresalaam, Tanzania.

There is an old saying about “the best laid plans.” While the trip was incredibly rewarding spiritually, and I trust profitable to God’s people, it was not without its challenges.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011 Elder David Crawford and I met at the Atlanta airport to begin our journey to Ghana to preach the gospel. After visiting for several hours and looking forward to our trip, we were informed that Elder Crawford would not be allowed to board the plane without a visa or letter of application for a visa. I had previously obtained my visa, but Elder Crawford had none. With less than 20 minutes to departure, Bro. David was informed that he could not fly. After praying and consulting with one another, we determined that I should proceed to Ghana without Elder Crawford, who would try and obtain passage to Tanzania as soon as possible.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011 After an all night flight I arrived safely in Accra, Ghana. Due to a breakdown in the transportation, Bro. Aikins Doh was not able to pick me up until about 5 hours later. We finally arrived in the Volta Region, City of Ho around 8 p.m. that night. At the time I did not know that Elder Crawford had secured a Thursday night flight to Tanzania.

Thursday-Saturday, February 24-26, 2011 Over these several days, we traveled to and from the second fellowship that was begun under Bro. Aikins’ guidance. I note that the attendance was greatly affected by the time of year being the planting season. I was encouraged to meet Bro. Nat, who is a close friend of Bro. Aikins and very much learned in the doctrines of grace. On Saturday night, we held services at Nat’s residence. I spent time reviewing the new birth, which we had covered previously.

I was informed that due to a death in the village of the first fellowship, the services would be held there around 4 a.m. the next morning. Apparently the local tribal leader had forbidden all church services after sunrise in respect of the dead. Bro. Aikins, Bro. Nat and I discussed the sinfulness of this requirement.

Sunday, February 27, 2011 I arose around 3 a.m. and prepared for the two church services. We were unable to reach the first fellowship until about 6:45 a.m. Upon arrival, I was informed there would be no Sunday service at all at the first fellowship. I visited the residence of the dead villager and was astonished to see the activities for the dead. Old women were chanting and playing drums, little children were running about, and much ado was being made over the dead. I later found a brother who was a leader in the first fellowship and informed him that I would meet with them immediately in worship if he would gather the members together. I also informed him how sinful it was to observe customs related to the dead rather than worship God. Unfortunately, he did not take me up on my offer.

We left and traveled to the second fellowship and held a morning worship service at Bro. Nat’s house. There were around 12 in attendance. Bro. Nat offered himself to be baptized. We left and the car broke down about 15 miles from town. It was extremely hot, but a vehicle came along and eventually picked us up. Later that afternoon, I baptized Bro. Nat in a creek.

Monday-Wednesday, February 28-March 2, 2011 The last three days were filled with some studying and repairing Bro. Aikins’ car. A very eventful service occurred in a 3rd fellowship Monday afternoon. In a village not far from the second fellowship, we visited until dark with these good people, and about 30-35 were gathered at the local chief’s residence to hear the truth for the first time. It was interesting to see that Bro. Nat was able to answer many of the questions asked by the villagers.

On Wednesday, we traveled to the capital of Accra, and I boarded a plane for Daresalaam (via Nairobi). The flight arrived at 5 a.m. in Nairobi, the on to Dar at 9 a.m.

Thursday, March 3, 2011 –In Daresalaam, I was picked up at the airport by Bro. David, my dear friend Elder Martin Onyoni, and several other brothers. I must note at this point that Bro. David, while waiting for my arrival, checked with the airline about moving up our upcoming Wednesday flight. After many days of study in Tanzania before I arrived, he felt like it was time to go home after the ordinations this coming Sunday. I too had previously checked about an earlier flight, but both of us were disappointed to learn the flights were full.

We traveled to the hostel, which was situated on a hillside overlooking an inlet of the Indian Ocean. From there we traveled to the market to obtain pork that Bro. David intended to prepare on the next day for lunch. After obtaining the meat, we traveled to the church building. What a blessing the church has in being able to worship in such an excellent building. The late Elder Obey Ndalima would be so pleased. We ate lunch at the home of the late Elder Obey, and enjoyed an afternoon service. It was wonderful to be with the Kenyan preachers, the Tanzanian preachers, and also the Zambian preachers who joined us.

It is significant to note that Bro. David and I conversed with a Swiss doctor whose family was also staying at the hostel. This man, who we now know as Dr. Kimmler, is employed at a medical clinic in Mbeya (about 13 hours away by bus). He just “happened” to be in town for the birth of his 4th child. His wife was in the local private hospital, waiting to have the child any day. The good doctor was in his late 30s or early 40s, and a wonderful person. He explained to us that he had been working in Africa for many years and his only purpose for being in the capitol was for the birth of the child. His presence in Dar became more significant to us later.

Friday, March 4, 2011 – We held services at the hostel, which supplied a large upper room in which all 14-15 of us could fit. I covered the three “courtrooms” of justification (grace, faith, and works) throughout the day. During our studies, Bro. David was preparing an American style bbq meal for the brothers. Around 3 p.m. the meal was ready, we broke services for the day and ate. The meal Bro. David prepared was such a blessing to us all. I was honored to help serve the meal to our brothers.

Saturday, March 5, 2011 – We rested this day and enjoyed time seeing some sights. While traveling, Bro. David pointed out to me that he had a tiny nick on his finger that was bothering him. It seems that he cut his finger on Thursday or Friday morning when preparing the uncooked meat. We finally made it back that night at Bro. David went to bed.

Sunday, March 6, 2011 –This was quite a spiritually eventful day. Bro. David woke me very early this morning. He appeared pale and feverish, and showed me his finger, now greatly swollen. His first words were, “Bro. Tim, I am very sick.” The first thought that occurred to me was to go to the airport at the first opportunity today. The second thought was to go and pay a visit to Dr. Kimmler.
Bro. David went back to his room and I paid a visit to Dr. Kimmler’s room. His wife had delivered their 4th child on the day before (Saturday). I found him in his room and entreated him to come and see Bro. David. In a few minutes he came to Bro. David’s room and viewed his finger, and informed Bro. David that he had an aggressive form of staph that is on African meat and only affects Americans and Europeans. Dr. Kimmler said,” Yah (imagine Swiss lingo), I was hoping you wuld not cut yur finguh when I saw you handling thaht meat…” This was certainly disturbing.

At that point, Dr. Kimmler produced from his pocket a 3-day dose of antibiotics that he described as the latest drugs from Switzerland for this particular form of staph infection. I must pause and give praise to the God of heaven in providentially blessing us to encounter this doctor, who just "happened" to be in Dar at the precise moment that we were, and who just “happened” to have the right medication for Bro. David's illness. Truly, He is able to overrule and overcome all obstacles.

Bro. David immediately began the medication and we left for morning services. He was so sick that he slept through the services in the pastor’s study upstairs at the church building. The church members were fed a catered lunch, and then we held the ordination services of Bro. Kenny, Bro. Anthony and Bro. Thaddeus that afternoon. Bro. David through sheer determination and the enabling grace of God made it through the service as the clerk and also questioning the candidates. Elder Martin and I delivered the charge. We finished around 4:30 p.m. I might add that we had intended to ordain Bro. Moses, but regretfully he was hindered from being in the country on this day. (NOTE: Bro. Moses was ordained a few weeks later).

The burden to visit the airport was still pressing me. Bro. David was so ill that it was necessary for him to lie down at the hostel. When we put him in bed at the hostel, I had a burning confirmation in my heart that he would not be able to rest very long. Along with Elder Martin, Bro. Kezala (from Zambia), Elder Anthony and another brother, we immediately departed for the airport. I checked in at security in order to visit the KLM business office that was housed in a back hallway of the airport. I met with much discouragement along the way – I was told no one would be there, we had already both checked on upgrading the flights - yet I could not ignore the burden that was pressing me onward.

I arrived at the office to find the door securely locked and no one inside, but I noticed a sheet of paper pushed through the top of the doorway. Disappointed, I took the African brothers to supper at the airport, then I returned alone to the KLM office to wait. Curious, I pulled the piece of paper out of the door and discovered it was assignment instructions for the KLM personnel for the 12:45 a.m. flight that very night. This was a clear indication to me that someone would return soon, so I replaced the paper and sat down and waited.

While I waited, I received a call from back home. It was time for worship at Bethlehem, and I was able to talk by speaker phone to the ones gathered for worship in Alabama. In light of my anxiety over Bro. David's serious condition and the fear of not getting him home safely, this was highly encouraging. I informed them nothing of the recent developments.

After more waiting, a flight attendant came and allowed me into the office. I inquired about the flight change, and she informed me it was not only full, but overbooked! This was more discouragement, but I could not help but think the Lord had put it in my heart to come to the airport and press on. Moments later, a friendly airline employee checked the flights and was able to move our tickets up to that very night. My soul rejoiced in this providential provision! By now it was nearing 9 p.m. and the flight was in less than 4 hours. Excited, we rushed from the airport and returned to the hostel, only to find Bro. David fast asleep and very sick. After incessant knocking on the door, Bro. David managed to come to the door with sweat pouring off his face. My first words to Bro. David were:
“Bro. David, pack your things, we’re going home.” Bro. David responded, in his feverish stupor, “I…I… can’t Bro. Tim, I am too sick.”I responded, “Bro. David, we have to go home, the Lord has moved up our tickets to tonight. You can lean on me, I will carry you, but we must get you home tonight.”He said, “You’re right, Bro. Tim, but I don’t know if I can pack…”
At this point Elder Charles and Elder Martin stepped forward to graciously offer their services to pack for Bro. David, whose bed was drenched in sweat and he still trembling in his weakened condition. I note that after only one dosage of the powerful medicine from the providential Dr. Kimmler, the swelling of Bro. David's finger had completely assuaged. Bro. David gave instructions while Bro. Martin and Bro. Charles packed his luggage.

We quickly returned to the airport, said goodbye to our brothers in Christ, and checked in. The main thought on my mind was, “Won’t the folks back home be surprised when we show up two days early!”
After a few minutes waiting that seemed like hours, the helpful attendant showed up and finalized our booking on the midnight flight. I must note this further bit of providence. We carried several hundred dollar bills (USD) apiece for the trip. We found that the Tanzanians would take no US 100 dollar bills dated earlier than 2003 due to counterfeiting that had taken place there. This rendered over 1/2 of our cash unusable. On this particular night, neither of us had any 100 dollar bills left that were dated later than 2003, and the upgrade for the tickets had to be paid in cash. Throughout our time in Tanzania, there was only one place we used 100 dollar bills where the cashier did not check the date on the bills to see if they were 2003 or earlier - the KLM employee who upgraded our tickets for the midnight flight.

While resting before boarding, I spoke with the flight attendant who had informed me the flight was overbooked. She indicated that for months there had been travelers seeking to move up a flight to Sunday night and all she knew of had been turned away. She was amazed that we were able to get on the flight. We boarded, and although Bro. David was in no condition to travel, the Lord blessed him with grace to handle the flight. With much praise to the Lord for His providential care, I breathed a prayer of thanks and a sigh of relief as we settled into our seats. I must also note that the "random" selection of Bro. David's seat on the plane was such a blessing from God. While I was buried deep in the back rows of the plane, Bro. David mercifully was given a front row seat next to the aisle where he could stretch out and rest better. In his ill and dehydrated condition, this was truly a blessing.

Monday, March 7, 2011 - We arrived in Amsterdam around 7 a.m. Bro. David was extremely exhausted, severely dehydrated and still very sick. Shortly, the flight left for America and we settled in for the remaining 10 hour flight. Bear in mind that at this point none of our family back home knew we were coming home, but were expecting us two days later on Wednesday.

Upon arrival in Atlanta, Georgia, we made phone calls and arrangements for pick-ups. Bro. David remained in Atlanta until his family came to pick him up the following day. A Primitive Baptist doctor in Atlanta graciously took Bro. David from his hotel that afternoon to his home to treat and observe him. Even though Bro. David was severely dehydrated, it was not necessary for him to enroll in the local hospital, primarily due to the miracle medicine and his quick return home.

I flew to Birmingham and was picked up by Elder Sam Bryant who graciously drove me to Tuscaloosa. A dear brother from church picked me up in Tuscaloosa and drove me home to be reunited with my precious family. Needless to say, they were surprised and overjoyed to see me two days early!

Closing thoughts: I want to add a few lines about the merciful providence that the Lord showed to Bro. David and me. Sometime after our return, Elder Crawford suffered a relapse of the staph infection. The doctors in Florida who treated him could not identify the form of staph they found in his body. It was nowhere to be found in the U.S. Furthermore, neither Elder Crawford nor I could recall the name of the Swiss doctor or the medicine he providentially provided. Due to the fact we had left the country so fast, we never had an opportunity to speak with or thank the doctor. Thankfully, I was able to communicate with a person still staying at the hostel, who graciously provided me with the name and contact information of Dr. Kimmler, the Swiss doctor. I spoke to the good doctor by email and obtained the name of the medicine given to Bro. David. His doctors confirmed that the powerful medicine is not available in the continental United States. At this point, Bro. David has not experienced another relapse of the infection. If he does relapse, it may become necessary for him to travel to Switzerland for treatment.

I fully acknowledge that the account given here is more focused on the things that occurred to Elder Crawford and me, and I pray that this does not come across as a slight to the dear African brothers and sisters. I do, however, think it important to document what happened while it is still fresh in our memory. I hope this journal will help the believers back here in America understand the challenges that our brothers in Africa face, and just how blessed we are here in the U.S. Finally, I ask that prayers continue for the ongoing work in Africa, for the ones who are traveling to share the truth of grace, and for Bro. David and his family, in hopes that this dear devoted brother may continue to experience good health with no relapses.


Elder Darrel Chambers' Journal of Africa Trip - March 27, 2011

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. All is well with me in Kenya. I am greatly enjoying the natural and Spiritual blessings of the Lord in this country far from home. The natural beauty of the land is more than I imagined. The weather is surprisingly pleasant. The Lord's grace and providence is abounding. We have had very good and Spiritual meetings and the congregations have been very responsive. They sing beautifully and with great joy. Many are sickly and some afflicted with birth defects or show the signs of polio. Yesterday, we visited a man with prostate cancer and he was regretting that he could not attend the services that were just next door. He was bedfast and very weak; but, he struggled to set up with help just to speak a few words and to have prayer with us. Today, we visited a family who lost a 16 year old son to Malaria just two days ago. Bro. Martin got the word while he was traveling with me. He had visited the boy named Fold, just the day before and thought he was improving. Fold and his parents are active members in the First Primitive Baptist Church of Kisii Kenya and Elder Martin Onyoni is his pastor. The family and church members gathered in the yard of the family this afternoon and they asked me to speak a few words of comfort from God's word, which I attempted to do. We changed our schedule today to accommodate a visit with this family and I am glad we did.

Earlier in the morning we met with this church and were joined by the congregations of two other churches in the nearby area. The small room (apx 20'x20') was filled to capacity with about 125-150 people. It appeared that more than half of these were under the age of 15 and about 40% were under the age of 10. I spoke on Heaven and tried to encourage and provide hope and comfort to this congregation that had lost a precious young member. It is late and I have much to do to prepare for the preachers meetings that begin tomorrow. I just wanted to let everyone know I am doing fine and enjoying the rich blessings of God. I am blessed far beyond my comprehension and I thank the God of glory and our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ for His abundant mercy and grace.

The Onyoni family and others really appreciate the gifts that were sent and I appreciate the support of those who helped bear the expenses for this trip. Please keep these precious people of God in your prayers. If the trip were to end tomorrow, it was well worth the effort. I look forward to almost 2 more weeks and ask for your continued prayers.

Monday, March 28, 2011 - Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. All is still well and we are greatly enjoying the blessings of the Lord. I have much more strength than I normally do on my trips to the Philippines because the travel is easier, the weather is milder, and I am getting a full nights sleep. I did find one mosquito trapped on the inside of my mosquito net this morning and he was gorged on my blood. But, I never found a bite or a whelp. I am on malaria meds so I am not concerned. I spray the room (with a powerful insecticide that kills everything immediately and makes the sprayer gag), I spray my clothes and myself with deet filled mosquito repellent, and we use a mosquito net. There is lots of sickness and death among the church members and their families, so I am extra precautious. The eyes of many of the church attendees look sickly and many of them a very frail and thin, especially the men. Most of the women appear very healthy and are generally larger than the men (not necessarily taller).

We had a good meeting with several preachers (some not yet ordained) this morning. We had very good question and answer sessons and some basic doctrinal teaching as well. The hotel where I am staying furnished a nice conference hall at no charge. We purchased lunch from the hotel for all the preachers which was good. I ate something that looked and tasted like turnip greens. Brother Martin said it was not turnip greens or Kale (which they grow everywhere and is a main staple), but he did not know the name of the green. He said that several American preachers had gotten sick after eating this, and only Elder Paul Blair had tolerated it. Well, 8 hours later I am still fine, so I thank the Lord for even these small blessings. He is so merciful to me, I cannot thank Him enough.

This afternoon, we traveled up a steep mountain road that the 4 wheel drive truck was not able to pull the load of preachers up. We had to stop and let most of the preachers get out and push to help us up the road. But, the extended cab pickup was loaded even in the bed with preachers and supplies. The road was not too bad because it had dried since yesterday. But, if it had been wet, we would have had a long, long walk up a steep and muddy road. When we got to the top, Elder Martin smartly turned the truck around and pointed it down hill. It began to rain before we got into the building and rained hard for a few minutes while I was preaching. The rain was loud on the tin roof and I had to preach extra loud to be heard over the roar of the rain pelted tin. The congregation is a relatively new fellowship that Eld. Martin has not been working too long with. They were made up of many children (about 80% of the congregation). The Pastor and his family, including his brother who is also exercising in the ministry but not yet ordained, made up most of the rest of the congregation. The building was very large and a brick structure, but it was far from finished. The pastor said that they had many more members that really wanted to be there but because it was the middle of the afternoon on a Monday, they had to work. We arrived just as the schools were letting out and the children came straight there and many were without their parents. This congregation sang in a very lively and animated manner and they rejoiced and were very responsive to the preaching. Since this was a relatively new fellowship, I spoke on some basic principles of the doctrines of grace found in Eph 1 & 2 and in Rom 8. But, I used a lot of other passages as well. Elder Martin is a great interpreter and it is almost like preaching without an interpreter as he interprets very quickly. I felt to have as much liberty to preach as at any time I can ever remember. It was a great service. By the time service was over, the sun was shining brightly and I barely had time to take a few pictures before leaving. We had to hurry to travel to a mechanic to get the diesel pump adjusted as Eld. Martin thought the truck should have had enough power to climb the mountain and it was also running rough. We did make it to the mechanic in time for a five minute adjustment that seemed to make the truck run much smoother. He plans to have some major service work done tomorrow before we drive it to Uganda on Thursday.